Drynks is a wicked WP7 app built to give you an easy and simple way to catalogue your drynks, rate and share them.

  • Easily add drynks: Drynks can be added by simply logging them into your app.
  • Share your experience: Want to share with friends and easily.
  • Wine, Beers and Liquors: With wines, beers and liquors we cover a large category of drynks.
  • Facebook Integration: Share with your facebook friends your fav drynks.


Version History

Version 1.2
Minor update disabled sound to the Mainhub. Also allow user to add wine, beer or liquor without picture.

Version 1.1
Minor Update to the Beers category. User can now select IPA Style beers from subtypes.

Drynks 1.0
This is the first release of drynks to the marketplace and with checking our builds we managed to implement these updates.

  • New Integrated Facebook to share your drynks.
  • New Implemented Storyboard transitions to app.
  • Fixed Picture captures directing to isolated storage.

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